The Tritones

Upcoming Gigs! Includes the Persuaderz (Duo) and Indoor Recess (Four Piece)

Meet The Tritones

The TriTones are a local Minneapolis cover band specializing in classic rock, pop, soul, and funk/r&b from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. The trio has a knack for populating the dance floor using ancient shamanic rock and roll techniques, often finding the “perfect groove” and making sure a great time is had by all. For bookings, please contact Wenger Entertainment at 651-484-2095.

band member 1

Greg (Guitar/Vocals)

Sometimes referred locally as the "spiritual soldier of rock."

band member 2

Gregg (Bass)

The musical confidence of a philosopher king with the easy accessability of a house plant.

band member 3

Ed (Drums)

Ed-ucating listeners every show on a proper back beat, and how to have a damn good time.